Rules for this Wiki

  • Please keep it clean. Try not to swear excessively, or not at all, if possible. Infractions will result in a temporary ban. Words that are considered ban-worthy are: both of the B-words, the S-word, the F-word, any vulgar terms involving the body and its parts, and any slurs.
  • Use proper grammar and spelling. This is a place where people come to learn about Aurcus Online. Therefore, please use standard English spelling and grammar in edits and comments on articles. Exceptions will be made for the names of in-game terms. The result of not using proper grammar and spelling will be the comment/edit in question will be deleted, and a notice to the contributing user of why the comment/edit in question was deleted.
  • No Flame Warring/ Baiting. Any comments considered to be flame bait or part of a flame war will be deleted and the users involved in said war/bait banned. Flame warring/ baiting in the chat will have the same result. If it happens, and a chat moderator is not present, please take screen shots of the war/ bait and post them to a moderator's page. It will be dealt with promptly. Comments considered to be flame bait include religious/political comments, and any comment found to be rude by the user.
  • Be kind to others. Help people who ask any questions, and be nice when answering. Be polite on the chat. Compliment people, and give help where it's needed.
  • Spam and vandalism. Spamming/vandalizing posts and articles will result in a ban. Spamming in the chat will result in a ban as well.
  • Edit warring. Excessive edits between two or more users will be considered edit warring and all participating parties will be banned.